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Hot Sauce 21: Deep.Dubby.Melodic.Chaotic.

So I recently got together with my good friends MissRuckus and Roland Gonzales for a pre-party “let’s get mentally hyped” session before heading out to see Four Tet with “Shake” Shakir as part of the Foundry series of parties in Toronto. After knocking back some whiskeys and playing some records and Josh Wink’s old classic [...]

Foundry 2013

Is it just because I have been gravitating more towards techno lately, or is it because we have entered an(other) age of techno in electronic music? I mean, look at all those (formerly?) UK bass guys producing more and more techno-inflected or full-on (industrial-ish) techno tracks. No complaints from me, though I do love my [...]

Top Albums of 2011 – urbansteve

Lots of interesting albums in 2011. Bass producers stepped it up with some great long players – a difficult task in an exciting scene that mutates and changes monthly it seems. Indie rockers with synths and beats also made a mark as the guitar world continues to hybridize with the electronic world. Five techno/tech-house albums [...]

HOT SAUCE 15 by urbansteve: Apres_Mutek mix

recorded: June 17, 2011 time:1:18:00 Luv Jam – Black Beauty (We Play House) DJ Hell, Christian Prommer – Freak it (Spencer Parker remx) (Buzzin’ Fly Records) Boo Williams – Mortal Trance (Rush Hour) Dewalta- Stringer Bell (Vakant) CV313 – Infiniti-1 (Echospace) Omar S, Alex O. Smith – Plesetek Cosmodrome (FXHE) Basic Soul Unit – Night [...]

Best of 2009 – MissRuckus

What can I say that has not been said already? 2009 was a great year for music! I kept discovering new tracks, new artists, and most importantly, new sounds to my ears that made me excited about music again and again and again. I’m pretty bad at coming up with yearly “best of” lists since [...]