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Top 11 Albums of 2011 – Dj Shingo

For me, 2011 was such an exciting year for music. Amongst the platinum selling artists, Adele‘s ’21′ was definitely a highlight for me (Yes, Jamie XX‘s remix is killer, but the originals are already beautiful). So many other fine albums finally were released by familiar artists that had huge singles the previous years (James Blake‘s [...]

Best of 2010, Part 2 – MissRuckus

In no particular order, here are the albums released in 2010 that I enjoyed most… Onra – Long Distance [All City] (listen) This was hands down my favourite, most listened to album of 2010. Seems I’m not the only one -  it’s been appearing on many a ‘best of’ list all over the ‘net. Check [...]

Yo Kanye.. why you gotta be so arrogant?

Okay, okay… I admit I’m digging the new Kanye West album on first listen so far. It’s the interesting instrumentation, arrangements and guests that really grab me most (not so much his own vocals which are just okay). You’ve heard about this video/short film. Watch it again: