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Hot Sauce 22: Afro-clectic Ting


Rainy night in Toronto. I was treated to an astounding lightning show from the window of my 15th floor apartment while I made this mix from my ever growing “Afro-clectic” vinyl collection.

vinyl mix recorded Sept 5, 2014
length: 59:32

01. Myrian Makenwa – El Platano (Colombia)
02. Tabou Combo – Alle Lave (Haiti)
03. Antione Dougbé et l’Orchestre Poly-Rythmo – Ya Mi Ton Gbo (Bénin)
04. Bony Castro – Labazo (Côte d’Ivoire)
05. Francois Lougah – Bravo Sotra (Mop Mop Edit) (Côte d’Ivoire)
06. Jovens Do Prenda – Farra Na Madrugada (Angola)
07. Son Palenque – Tilitata (Colombia)
08. Son Palenque – Tungalala (El Sapo) (Colombia)
09. Gnonnas Pedro et Ses Dadjes – Dadje Von o Von Non (Bénin)
10. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou – Iya Me Dji Ki Bi Ni (Bénin)
11. Los Issifu & His Moslems – Kana Soro (Ghana)
12. Tony Sarfo & The Funky Afrosibi (Ghana)
13. Orchestre Muyei (aka Muyei Power) – Ben Ben Bee (Sierra Leone)
14. Bola Johnson & His Easy Life Top Beats – Jeka Dubu (Nigeria)
15. Joy Nwosu & Dan Satch – Egwo Umu Agbogho (Nigeria)
16. Amadou Ballaké et Les 5 consuls – Renouveau (Burkina Faso)
17. Super Mama Djombo – Festival (Guiné-Bissau)

*these songs from Colombia are Afro-Colombian/Palenque.



Hot Sauce 21: Deep.Dubby.Melodic.Chaotic.

So I recently got together with my good friends MissRuckus and Roland Gonzales for a pre-party “let’s get mentally hyped” session before heading out to see Four Tet with “Shake” Shakir as part of the Foundry series of parties in Toronto. After knocking back some whiskeys and playing some records and Josh Wink’s old classic Profound Sounds mix), we settled in to some deep techno mixes
that really got us into the groove. Efdemin’s XLR8R podcast and a mix of Minilogue’s singles are what mesmorized us into a deep place and later provided the inspiration for this mind trip mix of mine….Deep.Dubby.Melodic.Chaotic.

recorded: March 19, 2014 length: 63:26

01. Kollective Turmstrasse – Videt (Kollective Turmstrasse rmx) [Musik Gewinnt Freunde]
02. Chateau Flight – Cosmic Rage [Versatile]
03. Koss, Henriksson, Mullaert – One (DJ QU rmx) [Mule Electronic]
04. Minilogue – Intermediate State [Mule Electronic]
05. Estroe – Driven (Distortion rmx) [Connaisseur]
06. Luv Jam – Mature Oak [Phonica White]
07. Omar S – Here’s Your Trance Now Dance [FXHE]
08. MicroTrauma – Circulate [Traum]
09. Locussolus – Berghain [International Feel]
10. Deep Space Orchestra – Street Lights [Applied Rhythmic Technology]
11. Martin Buttrich – Space Babe [Vitalik Recordings]
12. Milton Bradley – Motor City [Do Not Resist the Beat!]
13. Tale of Dub – Pattern Select [Delusions of Grandeur]
14. Second Hand Satellites – Orbit 1.4 [Hallucnation]
15. Version – Nothing (Dub mix) [Miso]
16. Resoe – Dubcuttin’ [Echocord]

Hot Sauce 20: The Outernational – Session One

31 African flavours spanning a wide gamut of eclectic styles from my record collection. Fuzzy psychedelic zamrock from Zambia, colourful Ghanian highlife, Nigerian disco thumpers, super charged polyrhythmic funk from Benin, quirky West African electronic sounds from the seventies as well a few modern cutting edge cuts of today

recorded: March 04, 2014 time: 1:36:56
01. Chris Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family – Feelin’ Good (Zambia)
02. Witch – Lazy Bones (Zambia)
03. Chris Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family – Coffin Maker (Zambia)
04. Witch – Bleeding Thunder (Zambia)
05. Edzayawa – Gondzin (Ghana)
06. Colomach – Kpanlogo (Folklore) (Togo)
07. Owiny Sigoma Band – Nabed Nade Ei Piny Ka (Kenya & UK)
08. Sofi Hellborg ft. Tony Allen – Wouldn’t That Be Fun (Sr. Lobo & Watch TV mix) (Sweden, Spain, Nigeria)
09. Bell’a Njoh – Ebolo (Cameroon)
10. Joe Moks – Boys and Girls (Nigeria)
11. BLO – Get That Groove In (Nigeria)
12. Asiko Rock Group – Lagos City (Nigeria)
13. William Onyeabor – Fantastic Man (Nigeria)
14. Willian Onyeabor – Atomic Bomb (Nigeria)
15. The Semi Colon – Ebenebe (Nigeria)
16. Pazy and The Black Hippies – Wa Ho Ha (Nigeria)
17. The Semi Colon – Isi Agboncha (Nigeria)
18. K. Frimpong & Super Complex Sounds – Ahyewa (Hide & Smile Edit) (Ghana)
19. Gatanga Boys Band – Tiga Kundega (Hide & Smile Edit) (Kenya)
20. The Uhuru Dance Band – Untitled (Quantic Edit) (Ghana)
21. Kalambya Boys – Kivelenge (The Busy Twist remix) (Kenya & UK)
22. Son Palenque de Colombia – Samba (Afro Colombian)
23. Mangue Konde – Kalbendo (Burkina Faso)
24. Orchestre Super Borgou de Parakou – Adiza Claire (Benin)
25. Poly Rythmo de Cotonou – Ahouli Vou Yelli (Benin)
26. Orchestre Super Borgou de Parakou – Vodoun Hounwato Minon Dou Gbandja (Benin)
27. Poly Rythmo de Cotonou – Se Ba Ho (Benin)
28. Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang – Kill Me With Bongo (Sierra Leone & USA)
29. John Wizards – Hogsback (South Africa, Rwanda)
30. Francis Bebey – Tiers Monde (Cameroon)
31. Melodica Teens Band – Mwekuru Muthao (Kenya)

Hot Sauce 19: Dreamy Tings 02

20 finely crafted dreamscapes from the slight underground.

recorded: November 20, 2012 length: 1:10:27

Hannah Georgas – Enemies
Fancy Mike – Mary B James
Of Monsters and Men – Dirty Paws
Eight and a Half – Go Ego
Picture – Everything Time
The XX – Fiction (Druid Cloak Blood Magick remix)
Rumtum – Bird Eyes
Panama – It’s Not Over (Ejeca’s Rave to the Grave remix)
Submotion Orchestra – Blindspot (Maribou State remix)
Myths – Horizon (Grimes & Majical Cloudz remix)
Freeze-Tag – Twice (Little Dragon Cover)
Visions of Trees – Sirens
New Edition – A Little Bit of Love (Brenmar remix)
Long Walk Short Dock – You Berg (Knowing Looks remix)
Brogan Bentley – Ask When I’m Night
Graintable – April O’Neill
Ambassadeurs – My World
Halls – Roses For The Dead
Burial – Shell of Light (Shlohmo remix)
Hannah Georgas – Elephant

to download, click here and scroll down until you see “download episode”

Hot Sauce 18: Dreamy Tings

Gentle electronic pop and warped vocals served cold with bass

recorded Oct.30 2012 length: 1:13:17

Billow Observatory – Pankalia
Sleep∞Over – Romantic Dreams (Balam Acab rmx)
Doctor Jeep – Broken Heart
Air France – It Feels Good To Be Around You
Kuhn – Even Bears
Rainbow Arabia – Boys and Diamonds (Altropolis rmx)
Lymbyc Systym – Prairie School
Martina and the Diamonds – Radioactive (How To Dress Well rmx)
Slow Magic – Corvette Cassette
Karma Kid – Lust Love
Cassie – Me & U (Mak & Pasteman Bootleg)
Pixelford – Freeze The Star
Kuhrye-oo – Give in (For The Fame DJ Sliink rmx)
Jacques Greene – Tell Me (Kingdom Edit)
Doshy – DCU
Tifa – Champion Bubbler
Gappy Ranks – Stinkin’ Rich
A$AP Rocky – Peso
The Weeknd – The Morning
Aaliyah feat, Drake – Enough Said (Shlohmo Rmx)
Pursuit Grooves – Got The Power
Krueger – Nou
HGLDT – Mo(ve)ments in Time
Vadoimmesico – Pepita, Queen of the Animals (Lapalux rmx)
Lapalux – Forgetting and Learning Again (feat. Kerry Leatham)

*To download, click on the “Dreamy Tings” podomatic page, scroll down to the left and “Download Episode”

Hot Sauce 17: Beats, Bass and Tings 02

I originally set out to do a tech house mix, but changed my mind literally minutes before hitting record. This came out on the fly in one take (seriously!) Dirty beats, fuzzy tones and some leftfield rap stuff.

recorded July 04, 2012 length: 47:14

Kone – Power Came to Them
Subway – Cumbia 20 de Enero Instrumental (remix)
Shabazz Palaces – Free Press and Curl (live)
ELOS – Bloodstain Burial (feat. Zackey Force Funk)
The Streets – Outside Inside
Aesop Rock – Daylight
Crop Circles – Bacteria Culture
Co.Fee – Kali
Kone – Uncivilized
Gang Gang Dance – Princes
Antipop Consortium – Bubblz
Jeremiah Jae – Money and Food
Underworld – Ring Road
DOT – Simple Simon
Helixir – I’ve (Never) Wanted to Hurt You
Aphex Twin – To Cure a Weakling Child

*to download this mix nab it from the podomatic page- bottom left side (“download episode”)

HOT SAUCE 16: Beats, Bass and Tings

recorded: October 05, 2011 length: 1:04:11

Stromba – Manphibian – (Fat Cat)
Co.fee – Gypsy Skirt – (My Hollow Drum)
Dorian Concept – Sandwich Terror
Hudson Mohawke – Thank You – (Warp)
Zomby – Black Orchid – (4AD)
Zomby – Riding with Death – (4AD)
LOL Boys – Blockz – (Discobelle Records)
Jon Convex – Falling Again – (3024)
Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Maya Jane Coles rmx) – (Peacefrog)
Martyn – Masks – (Brainfeeder)
George Fitzgerald – Reset – (Aus)
Arkist & Kid Kut – One Year Later – (Apple Pips)
Hackman – Close – (Greco-Roman)
Mosca – Tilt Shift (Julio Bashmore rmx) – (Fat City)
Jazmine – Heartbreak – (Girls Music)
Debruit – Battement – (Civil Music)
Young Montana – Sacre Cool – (Alpha Pup)
Co.fee – Asante – (Hollow Drum)
Gold Panda – Total Rainbow
Actress – Always Human – (Honest Jon)
Mux Mool – 2muxLUV – (Moodgadget)
Hissy Fit – Outdoor Life
Wira – Vloetijes – (Phuturelabs)
Drifter – Please Stay – (
Hissy Fit – Berry Dubby Dub (Swing and Skip)

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HOT SAUCE 15 by urbansteve: Apres_Mutek mix

recorded: June 17, 2011 time:1:18:00

Luv Jam – Black Beauty (We Play House)
DJ Hell, Christian Prommer – Freak it (Spencer Parker remx) (Buzzin’ Fly Records)
Boo Williams – Mortal Trance (Rush Hour)
Dewalta- Stringer Bell (Vakant)
CV313 – Infiniti-1 (Echospace)
Omar S, Alex O. Smith – Plesetek Cosmodrome (FXHE)
Basic Soul Unit – Night Heat (Fred P Reshape) (Mule Electronic)
STL – Silent State (Smallville)
Conforce – Truth (Curle)
Marcel Javonsky – Shopping (Treibstoff)
Santiago Salazar – Materia Oscura (Rush Hour)
Sascha Dive – Jus Groove (Deep Vibes)
Kenny Larkin – Dark Disco (Rush Hour)
Glimpse, Alex Jones – True Friends (Kindisch)
Glimpse, Martin Dawson – Runaway (2020 Vision Recordings)
Geeeman – Computer Jackin’ (Clone Jack for Daze Serie)
D. Diggler – Moabit (Two Birds)
Kris Wadsworth – Prayer for Detroit (Fresh Meat)
David Kreno, Jaxson – Red Baron (Kindisch)
Jet Project, Duckbeats – Ascension (KiNK remix) (Extended Play)
Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Carl Craig rmx) (Third Ear Recordings)
Helixir – I’ve Never Wanted to Hurt You (7even Recordings)

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HOT SAUCE 14 by urbansteve: Tech House May sampler

recorded 05-14-2011 time: 1:01:41
Dinky – Polvo (Ostgut Ton)
Markus Homm – Silverman (Highgrade)
Fimo – Casa Da Musica (Wasabi Recordings)
Ribn – Pancake (Poker Flat)
Wax – 40004A (Wax)
Guti – Sun (Desolat)
Kaiserdisco – Lurin (MBF)
Digitaline – Africa (Cadenza)
Macaster – No Hope = No Life (Dirty Stuff)
Ricardo Miranda – Floorwax (Rush Hour)
Cosmin TRG – Liebe Suende (Rush Hour)
Benny Rodrigues – I Like Acid (Be As One)
Artu – Rise Up (Philpot Records)
Joy O – Wade In (Hotflush)
Wax – 40004B (Wax)
Quince – Udon (Green)
Mike Dehnert – Discrete (Delsin)
SCB – Loss (Aus)
Basic Soul Unit – Candle Lit (What People Play Records)

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私は日本を覚えている(I Remember Japan): a special DJ mix by urbansteve

私は日本を覚えている Watashi wa Nippon o oboete iru (I Remember Japan)

Plastician – Japan
Guitar – Naoki
Ryukyu Underground – Koi no Michi Kusa
Vector Lovers – Tokyo Glitterati
Takuji a.k.a. Geetek – 十九の春 (Spring Ninety)
Ryukyu Underground – Soi Soi
DJ Krush with Tetsuro Naito – Univearth
Takuji a.k.a. Geetek – エイサーメドレー (仲頭流~久高~スーリー東り)
DJ Krush with Shinichi Kinoshita – Beyond Raging Waves
Guitar – Wash Me Away
Ryukyu Underground – Akata Sundunchi
Vector Lovers – Boulevard
Basic Soul Unit – Candle Lit
Herrmann & Kleine – Leaving You Behind

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