Floating Points – Shadows EP

Floating Points - Shadows EP

In a very interesting interview with yours truly a few months ago, Sam Shepherd (better known under his musical moniker, Floating Points) talked about his plan to release some older material in the near future. Well, the future has arrived.

The new Floating Points EP is due out on November 21st on his own label, Eglo Records. This EP features a collection of old tracks that were never released, and according to the Eglo website, is “part of a colaberative [sic] project between FP & long term friend Will Hurt who has created a max/msp patch which studies drum machine & synthesizer activity to generate visuals in real-time.”

You can watch the video (visuals by Will Hurt) for the track “Sais” from the new EP which was released previously as a limited edition one-sided 10″:

Want more Floating Points? Here’s a track from a recent release (from this past summer):

And another – the very stunning b-side from the Marilyn EP, released earlier on in the summer:

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